Thursday, January 19, 2006

Rocks, Little bit Closer III

This is a microphotograph of Amphibole (a rock forming mineral) crystal under the polarizing light. At this picture I tried to present perfect diagonal amphibole crystals with characteristic diagonal cleavage, but as a photographer can’t resist making a reasonable composition. You can do amazing stuff when art meets science.
تصويري را كه مي‌بينيد، كاني آمفيبول هستش كه با ميكروسكوپ و در زير نور پلاريزه (يا به قول پاسداران زبان پارسي، نور قطبيده) گرفته شده. هدف از اين عكس نمايش شكل بلور اين كاني و همچنين مجموعه رخ‌هاي لوزي شكل آن بوده ولي به عنوان يك عكاس نتونستم جلوي خودم رو بگيرم و سعي كردم كادربندي مناسبي رو انجام بدم. آدم وقتي علم رو با هنر مخلوط كنه به نتايج جالبي ميرسه


Blogger Ana Russo said...

I wish I could "meet" and write arabic the way you do !!! Loved your picture though :) I will have to come here more often ! :)

2:34 PM  
Blogger PRIVATE said...

Dear anna
Its actually persian. not arabic at all

4:34 PM  
Blogger MBrown said...

Ohhhh boy! These are getting better and better with each visit!

I like the vertical presentation shown, and the somewhat distinct seperation of earth tones and the rich vibrant colors.

Keep these coming Arash. Love them!!

5:27 PM  
Anonymous محمد درويش said...

آرش جان سلام
كارت حرف نداره.
موفق باشي

9:16 PM  

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